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Buy and Hold Investments

HQR investments helps find real estates that you purchase and hold for investment opportunities to build your wealth. You may purchase multiplex or build new condos and lease them. You may buy and flip distressed properties. Investment opportunities are endless.

Benefits of Buy and Hold Investments

Appreciation Potential: By improving a property through renovations, you increase its market value. You can purchase a property that needs minor repairs or update to bring it up to standard with the rest of the neighborhood. Plus, buying a property that needs a little work allows you to purchase below market value.

Home Equity: Your outstanding balance is lowered every month when a payment is being made. These payments eventually increase towards your principal which in return builds up your home equity and increases your wealth.

Leverage Your Money: You can leverage your money by investing with 20% down. Instead of using 100% of your cash for a single purchase, you can purchase 2, 3, 4 or even 5 properties with the same amount of cash. Therefore spreading your risk among five investments and increasing your net worth as these multiple properties increase in value through the years.

Cash Flow: You can increase your cash flow through your real estate investments either by flipping a distressed property or buy holding the investments long term and getting a sizeable rent that will surpass your monthly investment expenses.

Security In The Long Run: Investing in real estate provides a long term investment that will provide positive cash flow through rising rents and inflation. People will always need a place to live and will have to rent if they can’t afford to buy.

Long Term Wealth: By holding real estate investments long term, you will continue, “Building Wealth Through Real Estate” by taking advantage of inflation. Inflation has historically continued to rise along with real estate values compared to the low rise of income. Employment wages are far below the inflation rate and have never been able to keep up.

Tax Deferred Through 1031 Exchanges: You can defer your tax owed on real estate by using a 1031 exchange which allows you to reinvest your profits by putting them into another real estate investment. You can’t do that with stocks. Once you sell a stock, you automatically have to pay capital gains tax.

Tax Depreciation-Tax Advantages: You can deduct interest payments and other real estate related expenses come tax time.

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